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Hello and thank you for you visit!

Since we like to do our job professional and in the same time fast since we know how important is a car nowadays and it's aspect we will jump straight to our strengths:

● punctually

● attention to details

● experience

● eyes for imperfections

● speed

● decent prices

You need more? We can offer you more. Just pop up at our garage and we will promise you won't be disappointed. But before you do that let us present ourselves for a bit.

We are a well established garage in the Ambelcote are in Stourbridge with a lot of tradition and a good name that people in the area know because of our several years of experience and time since we are here.

The services that we offer are not simple services. Bodywork is more than that, is art. You need an artist who knows how to make your car look like brand new.

All our teammates are professionals, they did more than just study, the update themselves regularly because they love what they do. Is why on our garage is so well known and trusted by the people from Stourbridge and not only.

You want to know why we are different from the others? Because quality keeps us alive from all points of view.

Check out our gallery to see some of our latest jobs. Most of them as it usually happens were a challenge and we love challenges.

So pop up! You don't need any appointment.

Quality keeps us alive from all points of view Contact Us